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Welcome to French Market Collection
French Market Collection brings you a selection of products inspired by the timeless grace and sophistication of yester century France. Keeping intact the authenticity and excellence, the collection may well become the antiques of the future. All of the products are French Market Collection's exclusive designs.
With an air of characteristic French sophistication, breathing in luxury is an everyday familiarity with the French Market Collection.
As veteran buyers recognize, not all French inspired merchandise is fashioned identical.
French Market Collection is a place where time streams seamlessly from past to present; and history is just a snap away.
French Inspired collection is popular through its well-designed look, with a sense of nature and country mixed in it. There are numerous different styles of French inspired furniture, all fitting to a diverse period in history and legacy of France and thus having their identifiable peculiar power and manifestation. Our collection echoes a delighted former, a desire for future, starting from design through fulfillment, we constantly attempt to deliver the finest products & staying the best and bringing you the best is our persistent aim.
Our Products
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French Market Collection, 2000 Adam Street, Slidell, Louisiana 70458, Telephone: (985) 646-0678, Fax Orders: (985) 646-0876